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She makes graphic design come alive!

Malkie makes graphic design come alive! Each lesson was enjoyable and full of new things to learn. You would never know you weren’t in a real class even though it wasn’t live. Also, no matter how big or trivial my questions are, she always answers them with a tremendous amount of patience and never leaves me hanging.

Chavie S., New York, NY



Our weekly check-ins help you stay laser-focused. Goodbye, uncompleted courses!


Experience the group energy in our supportive forum. Turn to fellow students for encouragement, inspiration and networking (not to mention funny GIFs :).

Great job leads

Over 350+ job leads send out this year alone! Get access to our dedicated Job development team.

Hand-holding support

We’re there for you by phone, email and live chat. Get your questions answered ASAP so you can keep moving forward.

You got this

Our assignments are designed to make sure you’ve truly mastered the material.

Frum members

Need we say more? (OK, here goes: yontiff-friendly scheduling, Jewish oriented projects, clean language to mention a few.) Get technologically advanced training, while still maintaining frum standards.

Business smarts

Innovation and creativity are only half the equation – we walk you through the steps of setting up your business properly so you can hit the ground running.

Continuing education – included

We’re the only course that keeps you current on emerging design tools and trends. Our graduates continue learning from our podcasts, monthly trainings and tips, well beyond graduation.
Fast-paced, detailed and informative

Learning at the Bold Edge was fast paced, detailed, and informative. Features of the program such as practical homework assignment and video feedbacks proved very helpful. Malkie’s expert knowledge and clear teaching ability enhanced my skills in the Adobe programs.

Mushki P, Toronto, Canada

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