Decorating ideas for Sukkos and beyond

Decorating ideas for Sukkos and beyond

As creative individuals, we are always looking for seeing new exciting ideas and inspiration around us. At the same time we do not like the same old things everyday. When an idea strikes it is urgent for us to act on it. Imagine being able to redecorate our home or office space easily as often as you like? Here are some fabulous decorating ideas that will both excite and inspire you to take your ideas in a whole new tangent!

Enter Wall Clings. Ever heard about them? A while ago as I was cruising along, I am not sure if I was looking to be inspired or just plain old working (but when you work in a creative field working is /should be fun too, ok not going off on that tangent now :)) Anyways as I was saying, wall clings, a super fabulous was of being able to change up your decor easily and frequently. You can go the predesigned route: meaning you buy a generic design that someone else has created or do as I would do, design it yourself. These clings have a claim to be able to install on any surface. They are made of some sort of plastic that is specially treated to cling.




There is a company called Wallhogs (what a name!) that has several different types of wallclings, those that can only be applied indoors on a smooth surface or those that can be applied on a rougher surface (even brick). They include as part of the price removal of backgrounds (though you can do that yourself before you upload your file if you have specific requirements. Their pricing is very affordable and I was very impressed by the clear instructions they had on their website on how to apply or remove the wall cling from the surface you applied it to. it is interesting even being tech savvy and knowing how to navigate and figure out things on my own, I am not interested in having to poke all over a site until I see hidden 10 links deep the instructions or information I was looking for. Here their instructions and all information was clearly in the footer links of the site.

What are some great ides for wall clings? Here are some ideas that popped into my head.

Personal uses:
> Some pictures of family members or friends (a great gift idea. Now who wouldn’t want a life size picture of themselves beaming down?
> Some interesting designer shapes
> Name of a person/child
> Jazz up your kitchen backsplash
> Create an interesting cove for refrigerator/freezer
> Use it for your sukkah walls
> A family tree

Business uses:
> Your company logo for your walls or class door
> The company car
> Send out as a useful promotional piece in the mail. Such as Tefillas Haderech, an interesting picture, the main thing is look unique and different, instead of sending out the usual pen.
> Employee of the month program, have a life size decal created of the employee of the month to be displayed in the office, after the month is up the honoree takes it home.
> Do you help plan events? how about a wall cling of the event logo or if a child related event some child oriented creations.

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