Designing a business

Last week I attended the JWE, which stands for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs. It is a fabulous organization that was set up to support women who either are in startup or growth modes in their business.

I met women in all stages of business and it was amazing to hear their stories. What I found most interesting was, that most of the time I heard unique stories.

Unique stories of how they got started in business. Unique stories about how they marketed their business, and unique stories on how they designed their business.

OK we are here…

Focus on the designing a business part now.

Let us get started…

There are many different types of businesses. You may be in business of selling your designs, your clothing, your writing, your thoughts, your life changing techniques.

Guess what?

I noticed that there is a common thread that binds you all together.

Being bogged down with the nitty gritty of business.

In the next few posts on The Edge, I will focus on different ways that you can-

Design a better business. A business in which you are able to:

  • Think of new better ideas quicker
  • Automate those tedious tasks
  • Get better at the marketing game
  • Harness some really cool tools to take your business to a whole new level.

And specifically for designers…

  • Quick and easy ways of creating better designs.
  • Better ways of pairing typefaces
  • Cool and psyco-amazeballs ways to ramp up your advertising design…
  • Create better logos…

OK why spill ALL the beans…

Make sure you stay tuned

because you are about to really feel and get The Edge.

(You know you need it!)


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