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Build your graphic design career from the ground up. You’ll work your way up from even the most basic level to creating complex, masterful designs.

The cherry on top is guidance on starting a successful design business, including pricing, contracts, app recommendations and don’t-learn-this-the-hard-way tips on setting up systems and processes that work.

You won’t just graduate with the skills; you’ll hit the ground running.

Instructor: Malkie Scholnick

Design mentor:
Shanie Cooper
Shanie Cooper is a graphic designer with over 18 years of experience in the industry, both teaching and designing. She specializes in book design, and has worked with many publishers and self-published authors, including Menucha Publishers, Flashlight Press, Feldheim, Israel Bookshop, Judaica Press, Ktav, Jewish Self-Publishing, Urim, and more.

Zehava Pasternak
Zehava has over 15 years of experience as a freelancer in the Graphic Design field. She has also  worked for Forbes Magazine for over 10 years where she has designed branding, marketing materials and magazine spreads. She also teaches in the Graphic Design honors program at HAFTR. She completed her BS in Design at Touro College

BONUS presentations by industry experts

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February 15, 2022 i'h

Format: Online or via Downloads

Time investment per week: 6-8 hours

Who is this course for:

  • Creative People with knowledge: You know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator an InDesign, but have never learned how to design professionally. So you end up going back to Canva when you want things to look good.
  • Graphic Designers who need more: You taught yourself design, or maybe you’ve taken other trainings, but you still don’t feel confident presenting your designs. So you look at those amazing ads that other designers created and wonder if you’ll ever match up.
  • People who want to earn: You’re a professional designer… but you’re never sure you got it right. So you charge newbie prices to everyone and wonder how people make a living in graphic design.

Each class includes tests and assignments to ensure that you’ve truly mastered the material.

View actual projects designed by past students. Looking forward to having yours here too!

Part 1: Design Masterclass

Course topics include:

  • Design principles
  • Typography
  • Color theory
  • Marketing
  • Creative Idea Machine
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Brochures, newsletters and postcards
  • Book and media design
  • Preparation for print

Part 2: Setting Up a Successful Business

Course topics include:

  • Proposals and Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Email marketing
  • Vendors
  • Printers
  • Image websites
  • App recommendations
  • Systems and processes
  • Marketing tips


  • 12 months of amazing phone/email support
  • 12 months of comprehensive video feedback on course projects
  • 2 years access to our super-clear video lessons
  • Our proven Flexibility + Accountability system to help you stay on track
  • Weekly live group critique sessions
  • Professional design portfolio creation

And even after your graduate:

  • High level job leads to jumpstart your career
  • Access to exclusive monthly LIVE Design Power Series – keep current on what’s trending in design, marketing, and business!
  • Membership to our student community – connect with your fellow students!
  • Early access to Power Your Edge audio series – interviews with frum industry experts!

Total investment: $2499

Average beginning rate: 
    • $25/hour, freelance
    • $18-$20/hour, in-house

Typical positions include:

  • Freelance: be your own boss
  • In-house: handle all the design for one company
  • Print Shop: join the production staff at a print shop
  • Publishing: work on the layout staff at a newspaper, magazine, or publisher
  • Agency: collaborate with the creative team at a marketing or ad agency

bonus 1

3D Design essentials

3D is trending in design now, and you want to join the party!
Give your work that up-to-date vibe with your own customized 3D compositions.

Learn 3D and add a new dimension to your design skill set.

bonus 2


It's time to turn "frazzled freelancer" into "savvy solopreneur"!

bonus 3

bonus expert workshops

Each expert is carefully chosen to give you extra bonus knowledge, so that you stand out in the field when you graduate.

Learn live from industry experts their personal tips and tricks. Pick their brain during the Q & A segment after the workshop!

Get access to all past year’s workshop recordings as well!

Leah Glatt

The Headline Act- Learn how to write your own headlines for your ads. PLUS how to use the power of AI in the process!

Leah is an ad copywriter at GCNY, a premier design agency. Writing copy is what she lives and breathes every day!

Deena Englard

Design agency structure and processes.
What design agencies are really looking for in a portfolio

Deena is the Art Director at 14Minds, a strategic non-profit marketing agency, directing their team of designers in the creation of campaign assets, ensuring brand consistency, quality, and alignment with strategy.

Founder of Frocks in Stock, a Jewish stock photo and resource for designers, Deena is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with the design community.

Malka Frankel

The business of Graphic Design

Malka Frankel is the creative director at Malka Designs and in the design field for 20+ years. Malka Designs is an award-winning design & marketing agency that specializes in healthcare and corporate branding. They currently service over 150 nursing homes and hospitals across the United States

Ahuva Hoberman

Branding/Logo Design workshop

Chief Designer at her own company Chrome Design
Senior Designer at Pivot Group
Check out her work at

Chaya Glatt

Branding strategy workshop

Chaya Glatt is a brand strategist, business name specialist and copywriter who helps high-performing businesses transform into big-league brands. She’s the creator of the MAD brand strategy formula, international speaker, and developer of Brand Authority, a training program for marketing creatives.

Chaya is passionate about creating larger-than-life brands that have a strong emotional bond with their audiences.  She has little to no tolerance for creative nonsense and is a strong advocate for goal-focused, data-driven branding and marketing.

Irit Levi

Business Automation Workshop

Irit takes the 328 tasks on your plate and narrows them down into concrete, step-by-step processes that propel you forward.

She founded Day By Day to help you find the right systems and tools to simplify your workflow one step at a time.

bonus 4

Design Power Series

Each month we host a live class for our students and alumni to keep YOU current on the latest trends and ideas.

Here is a list of some of our guest experts we have been honored to host in the past (that you can get access to as well!

We also have our staff designers and mentors give classes (some even showing you Yom Tov oriented design!)

Brocha Ortner

An entrepreneur and freelancer’s coach. She works with people who run their own business, to help them get over the drama that’s stopping them from growing their business. She teaches her clients to implement the skills and tools they have, in a way that works for them. Her coaching style makes it easy to be open and honest so her clients can get real with themselves, face their fears head on, and move forward.

How to reach your goal of getting more clients each year

Chana Greenstein

Host of LifeWorks, Work/life balance coach and productivity
Increase productivity and focus in your day so that you achieve more

Ita Leaman

A conversion copywriter who combines her writing talents and natural understanding of psychology to seriously drive conversions and name companies!

Learn science behind naming, and why it’s not just the words–it’s the letters and sounds in each word that make a name good or not. What’s in a name? Listen…and you’ll get to hear some of her secrets 🙂

Fay Dworetsky

Entrepreneurial Mindset Coach
Get the big results you want in business by changing your mindset

Chani Kahan

Using empathy in your sales process (when turning prospects into clients) so your clients feel confident that you’ll do a great job

During the course...

Flexibility with Accountability


Weekly Zoom

…and long after it ends!​

Power Your Edge

Design Power

The Edge weekly newsletter

Great job

View actual projects

They were designed by our students. Looking forward to having yours here too!


(Not the kitchen sink, but everything else. 🙂
What do I need to know before taking GD LevelUP?

You need thorough knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in order to join. You can apply for this option here

Which software will I need?

You’ll need the Adobe CC student subscription (available here). This subscription includes all the programs you’ll learn during the course.

How does the course work?

Each lesson is delivered in a video recording where you’ll hear the instructor talk while you view what she’s doing on her screen. You can pause, rewind and rewatch. (You can even watch at double speed in the online version, though we don’t recommend that. 🙂


The lessons come with files (also included on the USB drive) so you can try out the skills on your own.


Most lessons have homework assignments. These are design projects similar to those a graphic designer might create as part of her job. These projects help you practice what you’ve learned, and you’ll even have a chance to work with real clients.


If you have any questions during the course you can always reach us via phone or email during our tech support hours.


You’ll have access to the course videos for two years.

Can I access the classes if I don’t have internet?


We have two packages so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Online Package: You’ll receive your course login information by email within 24-48 business hours of registering. Your student portal will contain:

  • all course outline booklets
  • instructions and videos
  • lesson files 

PLUS contact information for any questions; we’re here for you all the way.

Download Package:

  • Your modules will be accessed through a monthly download link (you can be offline the rest of the time). You will need at least email access to send and receive your project feedback.

What kind of computer do I need?

You need a computer with (at least):

  • I5 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • USB drive
  • Mouse (not just a trackpad)
  • 15-inch screen
  • The ability to play audio and videos

We also recommend email or internet access if you plan to send in your projects for comments


For the USB package you will need a Windows computer, since the video files we send aren’t compatible with other models. (Sorry! You can still watch the videos online and get all other files by USB.)

How long does it take to complete GD LevelUP?

It depends. No – really. It depends on how intensely you schedule yourself. The course could take you anywhere from 8-10 months. It can even be done faster, depending on how intensely you pace yourself. 

When you sign up we’ll work with you to create a personalized schedule so you can pace yourself properly.

What happens if I have a question during the course? And what about afterward?

Glad you asked. 🙂 Support is one of the hallmarks of The Bold Edge courses. We believe in being there for any questions you have. The Graphic Design Masterclass includes a FULL year of support and project feedback. (OK, that’s not really accurate. We actually answer our graduates’ questions way after they finish the course, too!)

How do your graduates find jobs?

This course has a lot of success converting raw talent into professional design skills. Businesses know this and reach out to us all the time when they’re looking for fresh talent.


We also have a dedicated Job Development team that networks, makes connections, and develops job leads for our Masterclass students. Our team sends out daily emails with job leads, and regularly posts job openings that we find all over the world. PLUS: we arrange Internship placement, supervision and support. 


We also support you during the course–and are there for your questions you have on the job, so you feel fully confident all the time!

What will I complete the course with?

Aside from knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, In-depth knowledge of design and the business of design, you’ll also have a professional portfolio of designs you’ve created during the course PLUS a valuable course certificate from The Bold Edge.

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I loved the stimulating lessons, hands-on learning and useful advice that went far beyond the classroom

I made a smart move by joining The Bold Edge. I entered as a true novice, totally illiterate to graphic design and a year later I’m b”H a busy member of the art dept. at a local printer. I loved the stimulating lessons, hands-on learning and most of all useful advice that went far beyond the classroom. Their approach is professional, personal and patient too! It was truly a wonderful learning experience.


Did you know?

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How many Graphic Designers does it take to change a light bulb?

Does it have to be a light bulb? ‘Cause I had this other idea…

Credit: Designhill

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