The Importance of Design

The one thing I can definitely say is that I am so thankful that I am taking this course now-otherwise I’d probably be going completely out of my mind!

But about how it’s impacted me, is that I actually have what to do, how to take the creative part of me and use it productively. When everything else is so uncertain and unstable, I have The Bold Edge-the one thing that remained unchanged, the one thing that I enjoy and have the ability to get my mind off the (I know this’ll sound a bit dramatic, but) turbulence.

My laptop is actually the first thing I go to when I have a few extra minutes, or when I want to treat myself after finishing a big job for Pesach. It’s the place where I can take a break, something I can take with me into a room and forget all else for a while-you guys know how it goes: you take a break for a few minutes and somehow the next time you look at the clock you see it’s a couple of hours later…

Last but definitely not least, I gotta tell you guys at The Bold Edge a tremendous thank you. First of all, for making sure my sanity gets through this intact, and second of all, for always being available to answer any question that I might have, and third of all, for being such a great team! I am proud to be part of this amazing group of creatives!

Sarah S.
Brooklyn, ny

I truly feel that as a graphic designer, I am still able to have a goal and some type of structure do my day. At the end of the day I can look back and say hey I designed something magnificent today. Although I cant go into the office where I work as a graphic designer, I work from home a few hours which definitely helps break up the day. 

Malkie is constantly keeping me updated about the latest design trends, marketing tips and fonts. I took The Bold Edge Graphic Design Course over 4 years ago and Malkie is still reaching out to me and always there for me with any questions that I have! 
Thank you thank you!
I've taken the opportunity during these days of crisis to brush up on my graphics skills, and continue watching and working on the course videos. 
I'm amazed at the effort you invest in bringing the most amazing live courses to your students sitting at home.
I have always been so grateful for finding out about your program. It's literally been a life-saver for me. I'm able to be a stay at home mom like I've always wanted, while still making the most of my time and learning to channel my creative side into something I can earn money from (hopefully, IYH). The most amazing thing is that I can do the courses on my own time and at my own pace, and I don't have to compromise on being there for my family. There is no pressure of crazy deadlines during yomtov season, no worries about missing class if you are sick or if you'll be out of town, and no need to go in person to any school. You're an amazing teacher- well spoken and SO clear. Signing up for the Bold Edge was the best decision ever! I always recommend it to anyone who asks me. :)Chani Winter
Chani Winter
los angeles, CA
The Bold Edge is the best way to become a graphic designer!! The videos are clear and easy to follow, the support team is very helpful and available for all your questions. I enjoy using my creativity and creating  fun projects!!
Especially in these "staying home" time it's a great way to keep yourself entertained and gaining so much!!
The Bold Edge is definitely the way to go!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful course i went from knowing nothing to taking jobs! i actually recommended your course to someone-just yesterday! i was very pleased with the service and clarity your course gave me and i appreciated that i was able to learn at my own pace, at a convenient time for me. i also liked that you included design in the course- not just learning to use the programs, but fundamentals of any kind of graphic work. thank you again!
Thanx so much for everything! Its definitely helped me out in those days!I am able to easily work from home and continue designing projects that I am in middle of. It feels good to have something that I enjoy doing as a job, especially now when the days are a little crazy. I get to have my outlet which is doing graphics. Thank you so much for helping me get here!
So to answer your question: How has working or training to become a Graphic Designer through The Bold Edge helped you out these days? First of all, my whole business credit goes to you - such such amazing training, b"H i hold down quite a lot of jobs... and specifically these days, I'm used to working from home, and have everything all set up. Thanks a ton for such an amazing graphics course! Many other ppl. I speak too never learned so many of the stuff that you taught!
Faigy T.
I am so thankful for my ability to keep creating and designing these days (one of the only normal things in my life right now😉) Thank you for this!
When I first got your email about the online live classes I was so excited! Firstly, I love brushing up on my skills (always ready to learn more!) and secondly it was defo a good thing to entertain these long boring days!! Thanks so much- you give the greatest lessons!!! Always waiting to hear more tips😀

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