Shhh…we found some design freebies for you!


Hello Monday.

This week we will learn a little bit about Saul Bass. Saul Bass was born on May 8, 1920, in the Bronx, New York, United States, to Eastern European Jewish immigrant parents. Bell, Kleenex, AT&T? These were all designed by Bass. The interesting thing is that even though he designed many iconic logos, he is most known for his work in film design.

You can recognize his style by the almost cut out look of his letters and lines. It literally screams his name!

Saul Bass logos

Saul Bass poster 1

Saul Bass poster 1


And now we hand the mike back for some awesomeness…

So what do designers really, really like?

Is it chocolate?

Is it a new pair of shoes?

Yeah, I know all of the above, but at the same time none of the above…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for….

OK I got it…calm down..

Shhh…we found some freebies for you!

I decided you are all due to hear about some amazingness!

Here goes:

I was strolling about Behance and hit upon these great free mockups ( looks very new, like November new)

Free PSD mockup 3 Free PSD mockup 2 Free PSD mockup 1


Now how about we go over to the fonts aisle… has some great new fonts that are also free for commercial use (you can filter in the search on top under the more options link and check off 100% free)

Here are some that you can use in your next projects:

Dita Sweet free fonts

Dita Sweet has an ultra modern look that will do well in settings like fashion. It has such sharp geometrics, look at those perfect balls and those straight lines!

Malam Free font

If you are looking for a hand drawn font then Malam will fit the bill. It has a pretty even writing, which makes it very legible, but with the personal feel of something hand drawn.

Built Free Font     Built Free Font

OOOH! Now this is a super hidden gem! Are you looking for a great condensed headline font…that also comes in different weights and styles? I know I have and am super excited to find Built. I haven’t tried it yet, so cannot speak about its spacing characteristics.


Now heading over to creative market…They have an awesome cooking oriented free vector set.

Free cooking vector set

Last but not least..I mean truly the best resource I!!

Dribble and Behance Freebies


I will try to be your curator and go through some faves in future posts…

But for now, get out your spoon, fork, chopsticks..whatever you use to eat/consume and dig into this deliciousness!!

Now I want to tell me in the comments below…what amazing freebies have you found lately…share the goodness!!

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