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Hello Monday.

Today we will start with Erik Nitsche (1908-1988). He left an unmistakable mark on the world of design in his approximately 60 year career. Leaving almost no field untouched, he worked as an art director, book designer, illustrator, typographer, graphic designer, photographer, advertiser, and packaging designer. His graphic design work included magazine covers, signage, film, exhibitions, posters and many other advertising mediums.

His design is most similar to design influenced by the Bauhaus movement (which was primarily focused on clean geometric forms and balanced visual compositions.)


And now back to the main program…

Have you ever seen that design…

Yes that one…

The one that makes you stare and blink and stare and blink (repeat, repeat)?

You get the pic right?

Look at these designs…You will be hooked!

I happened upon a posting on LinkedIn (which btw is the place to be for great networking, connection and jobs…it is like Facebook for business).

The posting had some examples of really great designs…which made me think.

I have not shared with you awesome design inspiration in a while…so here goes.

A great tear off ad…Yeah I know thought those had to be so boring? Think again!

tear off ad design

Now this is really creative usage of a billboard…You are able to see at a glance what this company can offer you. Think about how you can communicate your ideas as visually as possible.


Don’t just tell people about the products you offer…tell them what end result they can gain from it..because that is what they really care about.


Yup! even wrappers can be a focal point in an advertisement. Brainstorm words and see how you can cut them apart and put them together with words that on their own would mean something totally different.


Now this packaging design really tells a story…How can you tell the story of the greatness of the brand with the packaging you design and the design elements you incorporate?


You know how we doodle subconscious thoughts? Think about what your target person may be dreaming about and incorporate that doodle…They will think that you are telepathic 🙂

Great travel advertisement

Gotta get a move on…The chicken is crossing the street, rushing to your home… show the visual in a way you normally would not see. Go outside the normal comfort zone!


Take a cue form the company name…Get it? Hive and honeycomb shape? Think about what the brand means and see if you can incorporate an unusual standout shape.


Really nice branding. See how the textures, patterns, typefaces come together to form a cohesive story.

Nicolettos_Pasta_branding_Hoodzpah_3 (1)

Now I want to tell me in the comments below…Have you seen any designs lately that really sparked a great idea for you?…share the goodness!!

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