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A missed class and the birth of new frontier

“I prefer the recording so I don’t have to travel, and so I can watch it when it works for me.”

2008: The lightbulb moment.

A Monsey student in my Brooklyn graphic design course had to miss a class and I offered her a video recording so she wouldn’t fall behind. When Hindy came in the next week, she gushed about the clarity and how super-convenient it was. “I prefer the recording,” she admitted, “so I don’t have to travel and so I can watch it when it works for me.”

Convenient? User-friendly? Hmmm…

In those pre-Zoom days, no one had heard of distance learning. It was an angle I’d never considered, and it intrigued me. I mean, not everyone lives in Brooklyn (right? Right?). What if I create an option for international creatives? Or for super-busy people who can only fit a course in at odd hours of the night? I’m willing to try most things once (parasailing, anyone?) so I gave it a whirl…

Flexibility with Accountability

Fast-forward a decade and 1,000+ happy graduates are the proof in the program; self-paced learning works.
Students take our high-quality design courses from their

and in 7 different time zones.

They’re thrilled to have access to top-level instruction, minus the stress of complicated scheduling or inconvenient timing.

Really builds your skills and confidence

Malkie keeps the lessons captivating and the material all-inclusive. There’s technical support that fixed issues (right away) that even Google couldn’t help with. The feedback is prompt and helpful, and really builds your skills and confidence as a designer. There’s hand-holding after the course is completed – advice, referrals, webinars, LinkedIn – I could go on. My benefits from The Bold Edge are all across the board – thanks for everything!
Sarah T.
Woodmere, NY

I’ve perfected a system of check-ins to provide valuable feedback and accountability. There’s even a supportive Slack group for networking, brainstorming, and cheering each other on.

Also, my students know they can turn to me with any question – even long after they graduate (and even the ones that start with “I know this is strange, but…”). Plus, my monthly trainings for alumnae help them stay current on emerging design trends, a crucial part of the business.

They really care

Customer service is so important, and The Bold Edge is very good at that. I like that they constantly reach out to see how it’s going, whether we need help, and what we’re enjoying. They really care.

Current student,
Graphic Design Masterclass

Brooklyn, NY

I’m proud to have been a part of so many women’s creative journeys, and I’d love to support you as well.

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Hail to the Chief

Hi! I’m Malkie Scholnick, founder and chief at The Bold Edge. (Yes, chief. When you have twins you need to feel chief of something :). I’ve got a thing for hot pink and have been happily immersed in the creative industry for over 20 years.

I have studied at Adelphi University with a major in Management and Communications (fancy language for marketing and business stuff). I also attended FIT and Desktop America for Design (with additional years of self-study and research–I mean learning never stops, especially if you are doing something you love!)

I’m also a total tech geek. I love discovering new tools or simple ways to create eye candy – and then tipping off my students and grads so they can uplevel their own work.

Marketing is another one of my obsessions. I get a lot of satisfaction out of connecting with small business owners through my Marketing Magic column in Mishpacha Magazine or the workshops I’ve given at these awesome venues:

Clear, concise, and personable

We wanted to provide a short and comprehensive graphics course for business owners. I was having difficulty finding an instructor as the curriculum and layout is different from your typical graphics course. Malkie was willing to work with me and create the course perfect for our needs. And perfect it was; clear, concise, and personable! Each and every student gained tremendously, elevating their graphics to soaring heights. I can’t wait to work with Malkie on further projects.
Avi Krakauer
JCC of Marine Park

Here’s how I can help you supercharge your business:

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to upgrade your Bold Edge experience.


I really enjoy these articles

Just want to let you know that I LOVE your newsletters, videos and podcasts! Especially the podcasts!

I don’t know how you do it all!

The tips are so usable, and I really love how I could download the articles for later when I’m not online. somehow, when I’m online I just skim, don’t really read. so when I have my laptop where I don’t have internet, I really enjoy these articles.

You are truly amazing!

N. K., Brooklyn, NY

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