About Us

Who are we?

We offer high quality design classes that you can take from home, office, seminary or anywhere you are located worldwide. Our courses give you the flexibility of wrapping them around your schedule. We can even create a personalized schedule just for you!

Would you like to know some of our history? We started off as a design company back in 1998 and opened our training center in 2006. Back in 2009 we started offering classes to a worldwide audience. It has been an exciting journey and we have been able to reach and impact many creative individuals all over the world (and soon you too)!

At The Bold Edge, our ultimate goal is helping you shine by converting your creativity into a job you will have fun waking up for, each and every day. How do we help you succeed every day? Let us count the ways:

  1. We focus helping our students and all designers worldwide by phone, email and live chat literally day and night. Just the other day Rochel Leah (a student) told us that she signed up because Miriam Leah (another student) told her The Bold Edge works with you…and is always helping you along!. We hold your hand through training, portfolio prep, job placement and on!
  2. We are not exclusive. Hey what does that mean? We don’t just help out our students, we help designers, or wanna be designers too. We are always sending out resources.
  3. We are constantly networking for our students to find them jobs that match each ones unique abilities.
  4. We can go on, but we will leave it up to our students and designers worldwide to say the rest… check out our testimonials and portfolios.

What goes on every day at The Bold Edge?

Here is a little peak!

We research the latest design trends and tools. So we can keep you in the loop.

We create (and update and update yet again) and teach extremely clear design courses

We answer all your questions about design and other stuff (even those that start off with, I know this is strange but…)

We critique your design work and help you elevate it to a whole new level…we open your eye to good design.

You make it all worthwhile for us, with your excitement at entering your brand new world of design!

The Founder

Malkie Scholnick has been in the Graphic Design field since 1998 and the Web Design field since 2000. The students at The Bold Edge know her as a stickler for  alignment, simplification of design and the motto that less is better than more. She is also known for her creative solutions to design as well as her out of the box marketing ideas. 

Her vast knowledge and industry experience, combined with her eagle-eye for detail and sharp creative streak, have made her a highly sought-after business growth expert.

Aside from rocket-boosting her clients’ companies, Malkie is deeply passionate about empowering women in business. In 2009 she founded The Bold Edge, an educational platform providing distance learning courses to women across the globe, enabling them to find gainful employment..

Malkie also successfully organized the first ever women-only LinkedIn Local event in Brooklyn, NY in August 2018.

In addition, Malkie is the author of the widely acclaimed “Marketing Magic” series, as well as the in-depth article “Earn Money While You Sleep,” as published in Mishpacha magazine. Receiving rave reviews from readers, her articles are packed full of strategies and tips for entrepreneurs and business owners on creating demand-generating marketing strategies, maximizing email marketing for increased profits, and diversifying income streams to keep business growth stable and steady, all year long.

And you will enjoy all of Malkie’s skills as a student at The Bold Edge…How great is that?!

Welcome! You have come to the right place!