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Do you want to get the confidence and skills you need to become a successful, professional money-making Web Designer?
Learn in-depth web design and marketing • How to create WordPress and Ecommerce websites • Profit-building business setup, management and marketing

Does this sound like you?

  • You enjoy using computers and are looking to turn your creativity into a profitable flexible business
  • You have a lot going on in your life and need flexibility.
  • You want to become a master at Web Design so that you feel really confident that you are designing great work.
  • You want the websites you design to actually make your clients money--I mean--what could be better than helping others make a parnassah?

Now imagine...

  • Less frustration: Learn the professional tools that will help you take the vision you had in your head and bring it to life on the web. Gain access to super clear video lessons, broken down into easy to understand building blocks. If you have a question...we are here to help you out
  • More Time: You will learn the secret tips and tricks you could only dream of gaining after years of experience….since your teachers are super experienced designers!
  • More Flexibility: You want to be able to wrap the course around your schedule. You will experience flexibility within our structured course. Receive reminders and updates continuously from our staff in order to keep you on track.

    We are #1 in offering self-paced courses in the Jewish world. We have been offering video-based training for more than 10 years and know how to create courses that work for you and give you the results you are looking for. Within each video lesson is baked many questions you may have so you get them answered right way (that is why they are super clear). We then edit each one for clarity. No recorded live classes with interruptions here!

    Also, lessons have carefully created Hw assignments to reinforce and ensure that you understand the material well before moving on.
  • More Creativity: You will gain from our emails, where we share new videos, interesting designs and other goodies that will stoke your creativity from a small flame into a raging fire! PLUS exclusive access to our Design Power series. Our LIVE classes where we share the latest trends and software updates.
  • More Connection: Connect with your fellow students at our weekly live office hours. Or, you can always catch the recording. See what other students are thinking and learn from each other!
Needing a professional website for our business, I contacted The Bold Edge. They matched us with Miriam, a former student of The Bold Edge, who had just completed her web design course. We were impressed by the quality of work and how Miriam took our vision and made it into reality. Would I recommend Miriam? Definitely! I even hired her to do a second website for my husband’s company as well! I am so thankful to The Bold Edge, they really understood what I was looking for and helped give my business the professional presence it needed!
Shani Neuhoff
MH Professional Office Manager

Whether you are new to the creative world…or you have been working as a Graphic Designer already, I will teach you all you really need to know, so that you too can succeed as a Web Designer.

…The main thing to know is that Web Design without marketing will just result in a pretty website that does not deliver the results clients are looking for. You need strong skills in design for the web, coding, wordpress and website marketing plan developement and someone to mentor and guide you along the way. PLUS, the inborn creativity and insight you were born with.

This is the recipe for success. I will be your chef, giving you these crucial ingredients you need to succeed.
I believe that anybody that is creative, enjoys using computers and has a burning ambition and drive to become a great designer, will succeed. It just takes a little bit of patience, some detailed instructions (I will be your awesome guide) and the right amount of resources and ready to use business templates.

Are you ready?

What you'll learn

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The Bold Edge Web Design program focuses on developing the visual, marketing, and information design skills required to create compelling WordPress and E-Commerce websites.

You will start off learning about design principles for the web, UX/UI, typography, color theory and what works for the web.

Then, learn how to handcode HTML/CSS.

Getting more advanced, you will learn how to design WordPress driven websites.

Finally, you will learn how to create e-commerce websites with Shopify, the most popular platform for selling. This allows you to succeed in a very lucrative manner.

Top it all with learning design considerations for display on mobile devices.

You will also learn all about acquiring website names, web hosting, uploading your sites.

The entire course will integrate the development of a marketing funnel strategy for successful client results. Methods include Copywriting, SEO, Social Media and email marketing and more.

You will of course learn the business aspects of running your own web design business.

With each of our course segments, you will be working with actual real world examples and clients, allowing you to learn the actual skills necessary for the web design field.

Malkie is AMAZING! She always had time to explain things again when I didn’t understand, she was so patient and understanding and all in all, a pleasure to work with. Dear Malkie, I can’t think of anything specific that wasn’t top notch. Each lesson that I watch now, each and every time, I marvel at how clearly you explain things, you have something in your manner of teaching that is hard to find in a teacher. And I sincerely mean it! Thank You. Thank You.

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If you want to propel yourself as a Web Designer you NEED the Web Design & Marketing program. Get to your money goals as a Web Designer 3x quicker by getting higher level, intensive design and business training. Your training will pay itself back 3x faster!
Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi, I am Malkie Scholnick…The Founder and Course Director at The Bold Edge. I have helped many people on their road to becoming Web Designers.

Did you know? I have been in the Web Design field for close to 17 years.

It is definitely interesting to think back to what those initial websites looked like, how we added simple PayPal buttons to create an eCommerce website.

Working two full time jobs–by day as a Packaging Designer and night as a Web Designer. It was crazy busy and something needed to change.

I took the scary leap and went on my own!

Designing websites, software and more

It was exhilarating fun!

and–it was flexible around my family needs.

Oh, and that is when I started offering courses at The Bold Edge

Brings back memories!

Throughout the years I have taught Web Design, created websites and of course our own website, which is my personal playground.

Now what does this mean for you?

  • You have a course director and knows web design–and understands your need for flexibility in your life
  • You get access to a lineup of amazing instructors, who will be teaching their specialty
  • You get to add very SUPER HOT skills to your toolbox


I look forward to helping you too achieve your Web Design dream–with the flexibility you need.

Get ready to enter the world of design!

What students say


Most frequent questions and answers

You need to be very comfortable using a computer. Knowledge of Photoshop and design concepts is required. 

BONUS: Students of the Web Design and Marketing program get complementary access to our courses on Photoshop and design concepts ($600 value)

  • Each lesson is made up of a video recording on which you hear the instructor talk and you also see her screen. You can always pause, rewind and rewatch the videos and use the lesson files and resources on course site to try it out on your own.
  • After each lesson, you will complete the HW assignment  so you get to practice what you learnt during that lesson. You will get text or video feedback on each assignment.
  • If you have any questions, you can always reach us via  email during our tech support hours. There will also be weekly live office hours available with various timings for different time zones.

The course is over a 5 month period. 2 lessons scheduled per week. You can schedule in when those 2 classes happen each week, according to what is going on in life and family. It is flexible like that!

At The Bold Edge, one of our main cornerstones is support. You receive email support throughout the course along with live weekly office hours. We believe in being there for your for any questions you have (even way after you finish the course!)

We send you a registration form first, of course.

We are only accepting 10 students from all over the world for the Fall. Once we get to that number, registration will close.

After registration, you will get weekly access (up to the course start on October 13) to Web Design information and other goodies you want to see!

Your course is on our online class platform, which is beautiful and super clear.

We are really excited to show you around there 🥳️!!

Online Package:
  • Any Computer with the capability to play audio and view videos.
  • Ability to use a mouse
  • Internet access
Computer with at least the following:
  • I5 processor
  • 8gb RAM
  • USB drive
  • Mouse
  • 15-inch screen

We suggest you get the Adobe CC student subscription from The subscription includes all the programs you will learn during the course.

We regularly post job openings that we find all over the world. We have a fabulous person on our team who focuses on finding Web Design opportunities for you. The goal of this course is for you to be able to work as a Web Design freelancer so you can work flexibly according to your schedule. We BH have had many students find web design jobs after completing our course…and even complete paying jobs during the course. We have businesses reaching out to us all the time with jobs they have available!

You will complete the course with in-depth knowledge of Web Design and Marketing. You will be able to showcase a complete WordPress informational website, ecommerce website as well as your personal portfolio website.

You want to learn Web Design flexibly
the right way, the first time! right?

Our students choose us because they want

  • Technologically advanced training, while still keeping to frum standards
  • Knowledge on how to create websites that do the work for their clients
  • Flexibility and accommodations to your schedule wherever you are worldwide
  • Full support needed PLUS the personal cheering squad encouraging you along
  • Constant new course additions and extra classes even years after finishing the program!

If you are ready to become a Web Design and Marketing master
So that you can learn proper web design and marketing skills on a deep level–
And have the flexibility you need and an amazing team supporting you–

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