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In the current marketing scene, every proper business needs a website. Join the most in-demand creative field and gain the latest design, technical and business skills you need to succeed as a Web Design freelancer or working in-house in an agency.

Get started in this exciting field as a confident Web Designer!

Instructor: Malkie Scholnick + experienced mentors and industry experts

Format: Online only

Next course start: October 31, 2023
First cohort full. Some spots left in newly opened second cohort

Course prerequisites:
Start Now!
Photoshop + Illustrator Essentials
Design Theory for Web Addon

Time investment per week: 6-8 hours (expect to put in more time closer to website deadlines)

This course is for you if:

  • You enjoy using computers.
  • You want to turn your creativity into a profitable business.
  • You have a lot going on in your life and need flexibility.
  • You want to become a master at Web Design so that you feel really confident that you can produce great work.
  • You want the websites you design to actually make your clients money.
Each class includes tests and assignments to ensure that you’ve truly mastered the material. Check out our student websites designed for real clients.
Topics include

  • Design principles for Web
  • UX/UI
  • Foundations of Software interface design
  • WordPress
  • AI for Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive web design
  • Accessibility
  • Website setup and maintenance
  • Marketing funnel strategy
  • Social Media marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Intro to copywriting
  • Profit-building business setup, marketing and pricing

Plus, a knockout lineup of new Bonus workshops by industry experts (pssst – you’ll also have access to our collection of previous bonus workshops)


  • 1+ years of amazing support
  • Comprehensive live, video or written feedback on assignments and projects
  • 2+ years access to our 51 super-clear video lessons online
  • Our proven hand-holding support system between classes to make sure you understand the material perfectly.
  • Bonus workshops with industry experts
  • Our proven Flexibility + Accountability system to help you stay on track
  • Weekly live learning and group critique sessions
  • One-on-one design studio sessions with each student
  • Valuable curated resources, templates and swipe files
  • Online Student Forum – ask your questions and connect with fellow students 
  • Professional design portfolio creation, including a WordPress informational website, an ecommerce website, and start on your own portfolio website!

And even after you graduate:

  • High level job leads to jumpstart your career
  • Access to exclusive monthly LIVE Design Power Series – keep current on what’s trending in design, marketing, and business!
  • Membership to our student community – connect with your fellow students!
  • Early access to Power Your Edge audio series – interviews with frum industry experts!

Total investment: $3249


Mini Design course (If no prior design training or experience): +$300
(see info)

Photoshop + Illustrator Essentials (If no prior software knowledge): +$350

Please note: There will be an additional support fee  of $300 if registering for prerequisites after Sept. 1, 2023)

Still have questions?

Discuss them with Malkie

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Average beginning rate: 

  • $1200+ per project
  • $25-$35/hour, in-house
  • $35+/hour, freelance

Typical positions include:

  • Freelance: design websites for your own clients
  • In-house: handle all the web design needs of one company
  • Collaborate: join forces with a graphic designer or developer
  • Email designer: design marketing emails
  • Agency: work with the creative team at a web, marketing or ad agency


Each expert is carefully chosen to give you extra bonus knowledge, so that you stand out in the field when you graduate.

Learn live from industry experts their personal tips and tricks.

Get access to all past years’ workshop recordings as well!

Irit Levi

Day by Day

Irit takes the 328 tasks on your plate and narrows them down into concrete, step-by-step processes that propel you forward.
She founded Day By Day to help you find the right systems and tools to simplify your workflow one step at a time.

Nechy Sampson

Owl Copy

Nechy Sampson is a sales funnel copywriter, she’s helped 200+ businesses net millions in revenue. She also a copywriter’s coach in private sessions and in the GrowthMentor community.

Ruthy Lichtenstein


A teacher-turned-designer, passionate about making the world a better place with the power of thoughtful designs.

IBM Call for Code 2020 – Regional Winner (Europe)
Nordic Smart City Hack – Winner

Global Startup Awards – 2021 nominee

Co-founder and product lead at trufyx.com, where she handles every single touchpoint with the customer as a design challenge

Hudi Bloch

PurplePixel Design Group

Founder at PurplePixel Design Group, where she leads an boutique agency that uses strategy+design  when designing beautiful and effective branding, websites and marketing.

Rochel Einhorn

Atar & Co.

Rochel Einhorn is a highly trained web developer with a BS in computer science from Thomas Edison State University. Along with Elisheva Furman, she is the co-founder of Atar&co. (Est. 2015), an industry leader in website design and development specializing in e-commerce projects.
Atar&co. is renowned for its complete dedication to a seamless collaborative experience with 100% customer satisfaction. Lifelong learners, Rochel and Elisheva love the excitement and innovation of the ever-evolving world of web development!

Yael Posner

Design Lead at AppRent

Lead and define the product experience  for Apprent (an innovative property maintenance management software) across all platforms, while collaborating with the marketing team, content writers, designers, and engineers to ensure we continue to lead and innovate by solving tomorrow’s problems today. Define the user experience, interactions, and user interface through user research, analysis, Information Architecture, UI Design, prototyping, and user testing

Merav Levine

Merv Consulting

Merav is a marketing consultant that helps smart business owners amplify their voices online. She helps her clients get seen and make sales. Though she has worked on all of the major social platforms, Merav admits that LinkedIn is her favorite. She encourages her clients to take advantage of the opportunities available there. (HINT: You get access to company organizational charts!)
After working in an agency setting Merav took the leap into entrepreneurship in January of 2020. In just a few months, Merav has grown her business, replaced, her salary and runs a 6-figure business all through using LinkedIn strategically. 
She is now coaching business owners in various industries on how to level up and get results. Merav is always seeking and sharing ways to be more productive, a better marketer, and a happier person.

Elissa Berkowitz


Experienced Shopify Expert and Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the industry. Skilled in E-commerce Merchandising, UI and UX Planning, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Project Management.

During the course...

Flexibility with Accountability

Supportive Community

Industry Experts

…and long after it ends!​

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Our students speak for us

Exceeded my expectations.
I’m more of an in-person type of learner, but The Bold Edge’s web design course exceeded my expectations. I feel like I’m part of a class even though we’re on three different continents, and the videos are clear and thorough. Malkie also brought in experts in the field to give us a fuller picture of web design in real life. I’ve really gained a lot from the course.
Nechie T
Brooklyn, NY
This amazing course teaches you everything you need to know to get your business up and running right away!
I was concerned that the course would only be on a very basic level or that I would have to do a lot of learning in different areas before starting to work. But it was so in depth and everything I need to get started on my own was included in the course. I loved every aspect of this course. The coding, working out all the programs, the design...so much learning and great feedback and guidance on so many levels! It was fulfilling- and fun too! Best of all, I learned everything I needed to get my business started!
Miriam Kaufman
Manchester, UK
Don’t let the video-based classes stop you from signing up, the Bold Edge gives you great support!
When I signed up I was afraid that the lack of live classes would mean it would be hard to get support. My worries were for nothing- the support is AMAZING! The resources that I took with me will help me continue to build my skills on my own!
Rikki Steif
Lakewood, NJ


(Not the kitchen sink, but everything else. 😀)

What do I need to know before taking Web Design and Marketing?

You need to be very comfortable using a computer, and be familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator and design concepts. If you’ve already learned graphic design, we’ll review your work or give you a design assignment to assess your skills. Students coming in without any design knowledge at all will need to take our mini design course, which covers essential topics related to web design.

How does the course work?

Each lesson is delivered in a video recording where you’ll hear the instructor talk while you view what she’s doing on her screen. You can pause, rewind and rewatch. (You can even watch at double speed in the online version, but we don’t recommend that 😊) 

Each lesson is followed by an assignment so you can apply what you’ve learned. You’ll get written or video feedback on each assignment.

If you have any questions during the course you can always reach us via email during our tech support hours. Our weekly Zoom sessions offer another opportunity to get feedback on projects, including screen sharing. That’s in addition to one-on-one Zoom sessions throughout the course so we can make sure you’re on track. You can also post in our exclusive forum and learn from each other’s questions!

You’ll have access to the course videos for two years.

How long does it take to complete the Web Design and Marketing course?

The course is given over a six-seven month period, with two lessons scheduled per week. You get to decide when to take those two classes each week, depending on what’s going on in your life. There is also a mandatory weekly Zoom class where everyone checks in and we do a quick review (two times to accommodate different time zones).

What happens if I have a question during the course? And what about afterward?

Glad you asked. 😊 Support is one of the hallmarks of The Bold Edge courses. We believe in being there for any questions you have, and offer full support and project feedback during the course. (OK, that’s not really accurate. We actually answer our graduates’ questions way after they finish the course, too!)

This is exactly what I’m looking for – How do I join the Web Design and Marketing course?

Three simple steps:

  1. You fill out a registration form (request one here).
  2. We’ll get back to you with details on how to send a design sample (that’s so we can see if you need to take our add-on design module or if you’re all set).
  3. Assuming everything checks out, we’ll be so excited to welcome you in and show you around our beautiful course platform! 

One thing to keep in mind: we only accept 15 students per cohort so we can give each student our full attention. Once we hit that number, the doors close (and you’ll have to deal with the FOMO until they open again). If you’re interested make sure you send your application in ASAP so you can snag your spot.

What kind of computer do I need?

You need a computer with (at least):

  • I5 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • USB drive
  • Mouse (not just a trackpad)
  • 15-inch screen
  • The ability to play audio and videos

Internet access is required for the Web Design and Marketing course

Which software will I need?

You’ll need the Adobe CC student subscription (available here). This subscription includes all the programs you’ll learn during the course.

How do your graduates find jobs?

We regularly post job openings that we find all over the world, and businesses reach out to us all the time when they have openings. We also have a dedicated Job Development team including one fabulous person who focuses on finding Web Design opportunities for you. You’ll also complete the course with the tools and knowledge you need to start a successful freelancing business, which gives you the flexibility to work according to your own schedule.

We support you during the course–and are there for your questions you have on the job, so you feel fully confident all the time!

What will I complete the course with?

You’ll have in-depth knowledge of Web Design and Marketing. By the end of the course, you’ll also have a complete WordPress informational website, ecommerce website, (and eventually your own personal website 🙂 to show off!

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Discuss them with Malkie

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Web Design Waitlist

We are excited to welcome you to our Web Design and Marketing program!

There are 15 slots total, so jump on it quickly!

I know you want that same experience Rikki had!

The Bold Edge Web Design Course is an excellent and highly recommended course to take. Besides for the course being amazing, the support is unbelievable. Malkie was always available to answer any questions and was constantly furthering our knowledge with great tips and advice. I was able to feel her dedication and patience to her students which really helped me succeed in this course.

mini Design Course

(COST: $300)

This mini-course is a prerequisite for the Web Design and Marketing program if you do not have prior design experience.

It is an overview of important design concepts as they apply to web design. You’ll brush up on topics like design principles, color theory, typography, and layout. You’ll also work on real-life web layouts and exercises, and learn to recognize the nuances that mark the difference between amateur and professional design.

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