My friends who are pursuing degrees in "multimedia design" are ALWAYS in class, ALWAYS doing homework, and ALWAYS writing reports. I learn the exact same things they are learning! Except they have mean professors who make them come in 3 days after having a child, while we have Malkie and Yaffa, 2 amazing, supportive, and incredible people!

The Bold Edge has it all — the warmth and the quality! The course is really a lot of fun. It's not just a place to learn things you need to know. Malkie's videos are entertaining, it's not just a dry lecture. It's so nice to be in an environment where people are excited to create, learn, and grow.

I loved the fact that you can literally do the classes anytime and anywhere. Yet at the same time, I still felt part of a class because of the community section, Zooms, newsletter, and accountability.

I loved being able to work with a real live client. It was so beneficial to learn how it all works in real life! I was not only taught how to be a web designer, but also which tools, skills, and resources I need in order to do it on my own and freelance.
Michal Schwartz
I was worried that the course might be on too much of a high level because I had no prior experience with any of the programs. It turned out to be so clearly taught and explained that I caught on very quickly. Malkie answers your questions as soon as you hit the send button, with a clear, detailed and informative answer enabling you to glide through the course with full support. The support is seriously like no other!
Yocheved Krausz
The Web Design course is extremely thorough, teaching not only web design, but many related aspects so we get an all-around perfect education. But what makes it really different from other courses is the accountability aspect that is great in motivating you to successfully complete the course.
Tzirl Jacobs
I loved the recent workshop with Esti Meisels from Code and Spade. Real time knowledge from someone in the trenches! Overall, the course had so many extra resources and wasn’t just a templated format tutorial that you can teach yourself on YouTube. Besides for the course covering everything you need to know in order to get a job, they actually help with landing jobs afterwards!
Chana Gorelick
Lakewood, NJ
I wasn’t sure if the whole process would be complicated but everything was explained so clearly. I was guided through the whole process clearly and got amazing feedback, as well as quick responses to my questions. What was most amazing was seeing a complete website that I created! The course was fulfilling, enjoyable and exciting.
Miriam Leitner
I was a bit concerned about learning from videos - but they were so clear and you were always available to answer any questions.
I loved the Design Core modules (especially the worksheets) they really helped me look at things from different angles and stretched my thinking. It was a very personal learning experience. You're not learning in a huge classroom where you can get overlooked - it's more like a private one on one, very clear and informative experience.
To sum it up - I really enjoyed taking the course and had a ton of fun doing so, my questions were always answered clearly, inclusive- this course was all-inclusive. It really covers everything you need to know.
Goldie Anhang
After completing the Graphic Design Software course where I just learnt the software, I wasn't sure if the GD LevelUP was needed and didn't think there was that much more to learn.
Turns out, this course was definitely needed and taught me so much more knowledge about important things that is crucial for going into business. I am very grateful for this.
I like the challenging and unique homework projects that we get assigned to do. I love that I learned all different aspects in great detail which helps a lot when working with clients. Also, of course, the support team is amazing. I never hesitate to ask a question big or small and they are always answered quickly.
Rita Tobias
Brooklyn, NY
My company has been established for years and was still using the same basic imaging and branding that it had started up with. It needed to reflect the way the company had grown and become more professional, but still show my company as it always was and is - vibrant, personal and real.
Dassy took the time to understand who we are and developed a logo and branding that was unique and embodied the company in so many ways. I'd definitely recommend her work, and found her dedication and attention to detail something special.
The finished product is polished yet refined, understated yet definitive. Thank you so much.
Rivka Goldblatt
Jewish family research
I just want to give you feedback on the amazing experience I had with your design student . The thing that impressed me the most is that you gave her the skills to be able to figure out what the client wants. I really didn’t have anything specific in mind but the process that you have created really helped us figure out what I like.
The end results is exactly what I want. It’s so “me”! I’ve gotten so many compliments as well! Thank you!
Shulamis Weil
Real Life Organizing
I took both the Graphic Design AND the Web Design programs at The Bold Edge and boy, was it a smart move for me. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience; I have learnt so much from all of the constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. The Bold Edge gave me the skills that enabled me to create a career out of my talent and passion for design. I highly recommend The Bold Edge to anyone looking to go into this line of work.
Chayala Spiegel
Lakewood NJ
The Bold Edge Web Design Course is an excellent and highly recommended course to take. Besides for the course being amazing, the support is unbelievable. Malkie was always available to answer any questions and was constantly furthering our knowledge with great tips and advice. I was able to feel her dedication and patience to her students which really helped me succeed in this course. I feel that I have gained the skills and confidence to step into the real world of web design
Rikki Steif
Lakewood, NJ
I tend to learn better live than through video, so I was worried about taking a course that would be primarily through video. My concern was absolutely unfounded, everything was given over as clearly as sitting in a classroom with truly excellent support. I looked into lots of courses before settling on the Bold Edge! One of my favorite parts of the web design program was the live office hours, when we were able to sort of meet each other and share in everyone's progress and journeys of creating their websites. and even though the classes are video-based everything was given over as clearly as if classes were live. This course is up- to-date ,expert, and gives you the latest design trends! PLUS, Malkie arranged for each student to have a real client so we will end up with a real website at the end of the course and will definitely give me an edge in the working world when I am already coming in with a website done for an actual client.
Nechie Teller
Brooklyn, NY
I was concerned that the Web Design course would only be on a very basic level or that I would have to do a lot of learning in different areas before starting to work. But it was so in depth and everything I need to get started on my own was included in the course. I loved every aspect of this course. The coding, working out all the programs, the design...so much learning and great feedback and guidance on so many levels! It was fulfilling- and fun too! Best of all, I learned everything I needed to get my business started!
Miriam Kaufman
Manchester, UK
I recommend the PhotoCreative course to people looking to refine their graphic talent- it’s clear cut, hands-on, well-priced, and has amazing support! I took this course after the Graphic Design course. I was afraid there would be repetition but there wasn’t! I spend most of my time designing albums, photo books, collages, etc. There were tons of new ideas, tips, and tricks! Great for anyone looking to expand their graphics skills!
Yitty M.
Brooklyn, NY
I was worried that the PhotoCreative course won't teach me enough to get into the business scene! Boy was I wrong! I love Malkie’s clear teaching style and emphasis on how to get creative in photoshop. Since I’ve taken other courses I know how great the Bold Edge is! Malkie makes the complicated clear! Sidenote: I even used the knowledge I gained in the course Ito design logos and packaging for clients!
Esti Ostreicher
Brooklyn, NY
The lessons were very excellent, things were explained very clearly. The feedback that i received from my homework was also great and the fact that i am still able to go back and review things after completing the course is really great - the system is amazing.
SB Designs
Bnei Brak, Israel
I loved being able to go from beginner to expert. I started the course being almost scared of using Adobe programs because when you first open them, they look overwhelming and complex. The course was an amazing learning and growing experience.
Shifra Abramowitz
Houston, TX
So to answer your question: How has working or training to become a Graphic Designer through The Bold Edge helped you out these days? First of all, my whole business credit goes to you - such such amazing training, b"H i hold down quite a lot of jobs... and specifically these days, I'm used to working from home, and have everything all set up. Thanks a ton for such an amazing graphics course! Many other people I speak too never learned so many of the stuff that you taught!
Faigy T.
Brooklyn, NY
When I first got your email about the online live classes I was so excited! Firstly, I love brushing up on my skills (always ready to learn more!) and secondly it was definitely a good thing to entertain these long boring days!! Thanks so much- you give the greatest lessons!!! Always waiting to hear more tips 😀
Lea F
Thank you so much for the wonderful course I went from knowing nothing to taking jobs! I actually recommended your course to someone-just yesterday! I was very pleased with the service and clarity your course gave me and I appreciated that I was able to learn at my own pace, at a convenient time for me. I also liked that you included design in the course- not just learning to use the programs, but fundamentals of any kind of graphic work. Thank you again!
Silky S.
Brooklyn, NY
I have always been so grateful for finding out about your program. It's literally been a life-saver for me. I'm able to be a stay at home mom like I've always wanted, while still making the most of my time and learning to channel my creative side into something I can earn money from. The most amazing thing is that I can do the courses on my own time and at my own pace, and I don't have to compromise on being there for my family. There is no pressure of crazy deadlines during Yomtov season, no worries about missing class if you are sick or if you'll be out of town, and no need to go in person to any school. You're an amazing teacher- well spoken and SO clear. Signing up for the Bold Edge was the best decision ever! I always recommend it to anyone who asks me. 🙂 Chani Winter
Chani Winter
LOs Angeles, CA
I truly feel that as a graphic designer, I am still able to have a goal and some type of structure do my day. At the end of the day I can look back and say hey I designed something magnificent today. Although I cant go into the office where I work as a graphic designer, I work from home a few hours which definitely helps break up the day. Malkie is constantly keeping me updated about the latest design trends, marketing tips and fonts. I took The Bold Edge Graphic Design Course over 4 years ago and Malkie is still reaching out to me and always there for me with any questions that I have! Thank you thank you!
I've taken the opportunity during these days of crisis to brush up on my graphics skills, and continue watching and working on the course videos. I'm amazed at the effort you invest in bringing the most amazing live courses to your students sitting at home.
Brooklyn, NY
I have really enjoyed doing the Graphic Design course! The lessons were enjoyable and the information given over was really clear. If I ever had questions, all I had to do was send an email and I would quickly get a response! The communication was fantastic. I would definitely - without a doubt - recommend this course to anyone.
Nechama Dina Sufrin
It was a real pleasure dealing with The Bold Edge from beginning to end. Thank you Malkie for the amazing tech support that guided me throughout the course. My questions were always answered with such expertise and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed getting feedback from the homework assignments because it helped me improve my work and reach my goals.
Leah R.
Detroit, MI
The teaching style was full of very useful field related tips scattered throughout the lessons, in addition to all the necessary information conveyed. I had to listen to some of the lessons multiple times to absorb the wealth of information the lessons contained, but never because they lacked clarity. The difficult material was always explained [and often repeated!] in an easy to understand clear manner. I enjoyed best listening to the clarity of the lessons as the instructor gave the course, as described above. The incredible amount of extra resources included in the course for me to keep does truly qualify to be classified as"Better than what I expected".
AE Pilchick
New york, NY
The Bold Edge is a course I have recommended and continue to recommend to others who want to learn graphic design. Malkie is the best teacher and instructor. She makes graphic design come alive. She makes it so exciting to learn, and I always gained a thrill and excitement to use the features to their fullest and to play around. Each lesson was enjoyable and full of new things to learn. Even though it wasn't live, you would never know you weren't in a real class. One major part of the course which was extremely beneficial to me was and still is, is the technical support. Malkie was and still is always available to me 24/7! No matter how big or trivial my questions are she always answers them with a tremendous amount of patience and never leaves me hanging! I have only positive thoughts when I think about The Bold Edge! Thank you Malkie for everything, I have no words to express the feelings I have to you for all that you did and continue to do for me!
Chavie S
New york, ny
Participating in Bold Edge home based graphic design course was an unique and rewarding experience. Each class was exceptionally informative, thorough and enjoyable to participate in! The skills and techniques learned are invaluable and enables the ability to go forth and become a professional graphic artist. The greatest advantage was the convenience of sitting at my own computer and doing it at my own comfort and time. Even though the course wasn’t live, you could never tell you weren’t in a real class! Malkie is the most fantastic teacher, her unique style of teaching made it almost unnecessary for questions, but when there was one she was and still is always available 24/7, (well almost) by phone and email to remove any difficulty of understanding. I absolutely loved doing the assignments, I was able to release creativity and gain the experience of using the tools in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Malkie, your indispensable support every step of the way gave a push to keep going until everything was perfect. Learning has never been so much fun! I can’ t think of any more adequate words to describe my experience in participating in the Bold Edge graphic design course, But a picture is worth a thousand words, anyone interested in viewing my recent projects can email me at hrochmie@yahoo.com . They couldn’t have been created without first participating in the graphic design course provided by the Bold Edge. Thanks Malky! So, if anybody out there reading this is considering going into the graphic design field. I rate Bold Edge five stars! It’s most certainly a course worth considering to participate in. (no regrets, I can vouch for that!)
Rochmie Horowitz
Mode Design, Monsey, NY
I just wanted to let you know that I got a job that I absolutely love...as a graphic designer. You instilled in me the confidence and prepared me so well that i am able to enjoy the experience of learning new things without being overwhelmed with my new job. Thank you for your support throughout the entire process. Kesivah V'Chasimah Tova. BTW I also got a yearbook job for the coming year that is working out beautifully.
Yocheved Treitel
Graphic Designer, Brooklyn, NY
Everything is provided here at the Graphic Design Foundations course! Malkie keeps the lessons captivating, and the material all-inclusive. There's technical support that fixed issues (right away) that even Google couldn't help with. The feedback is prompt and helpful, and really builds your skills and confidence as a designer. There's hand-holding after the course is completed - advice, referrals, webinars, LinkedIn - I could go on. My benefits from The Bold Edge are all across the board - thanks for everything!!
Sarah T
Woodmere, NY
I found the Graphic Design Foundation Course at the Bold Edge to be amazingly informative. It teaches you every skill you can possibly need to master everything in the field of graphic design. Each lesson was exciting, fun, clear and easy to grasp, yet thorough and chock full of information. Taking this course has taught me how to carefully observe and note details in the world around me that most people wouldn't even notice. I have acquired a new dimension to my vision! Malkie, was and still is, available for technical support via phone or e-mail. Her vast knowledge and expertise bring a lifelike quality to every image she creates. Malkie, Thank you so much for helping me throughout the job hunt. I really enjoy my work. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to use my talent to the fullest. Thanks Again!
Sury S
Graphic Designer, Brooklyn, NY
The Bold Edge has been an integral part in starting my Graphic Design career. The classes were extremely informative, convenient, and very beginner friendly. What impressed me the most was how proficient the learning experience was. Simply put, there's nothing more valuable in education than a teacher who can teach. I'm of course, talking about you, Malkie. It's been a real pleasure and has helped me tremendously in establishing myself as a designer. I've come a long way since taking your course but will never forget where I came from and who helped me get there. Thank you
Yitty W
Graphic Designer, Dagim Fish
My experience throughout and after the Graphic Design Foundations Course was absolutely amazing! The lessons were extremely clear and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and useful skills. The most beneficial part of the bold edge is the technical support. Malkie always helps me and answers all of my questions with a tremendous amount of patience. Thank you so much for teaching me the skills, helping me find a job that I love and constantly helping me even way after I finished the course. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning graphic design!
Chumi Kaff
Graphic Designer, Brooklyn, NY
The technical support was amazing! The Graphic Design lessons are very clear and easy to understand and very pleasant to listen to, each lesson was enjoyable and full of new things to learn.
Tsivi Bibelman
Antwerp, Belgium
Learning at the Bold Edge was fast paced, detailed, and informative. Features of the program such as practical homework assignment and video feedbacks proved very helpful. Malkie's expert knowledge and clear teaching ability enhanced my skills in the Adobe programs.
Mushki G.
Hanabi Creative, Brooklyn, NY
I did a smart move by joining The Bold Edge in 2011. I entered as a true novice, totally illiterate to graphic design and now a year later I'm b"h a busy member of the art dept. at a local printer. I loved the stimulating lessons, hands-on learning and most of all useful advice that went far beyond the classroom. Their approach is professional, personal and patient too! It was truly a wonderful learning experience.
Printing, Brooklyn, NY
The Web design course was really good, thorough and given over very clearly. Malkie is AMAZING! She always had time to explain things again when I didn't understand, she was so patient and understanding and all in all, a pleasure to work with. I honestly WILL miss the classes! The work of creating websites, once I already learned it, was stimulating and even fun, and continues to be. I find it similar to the thrill of doing difficult puzzles. I also love being able to have instant feedback to my work, when I see things working in a browser. Dear Malkie, I can't think of anything specific that wasn't top notch. Each lesson that I watch now, each and every time, I marvel at how clearly you explain things, you have something in your manner of teaching that is hard to find in a teacher. And I sincerely mean it! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Rivky Spira
Inspira Designs, Jerusalem
My experience during the live, home based WordPress Web Design course was amazing! The classes were taught in a clear, thorough and enjoyable way. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Malkie, and am able to apply it to many web design situations. During and way after the course, Malkie was always there to answer all my questions and assist me in any way including sending me job opportunities. The Bold Edge not only teaches their students, they guide them every step of the way.The Bold Edge teaches in a unique way in which you walk out acquiring and retaining the skills learnt. It is now 5 years since the Graphic Design Foundations course I took there and I still remember exactly what was taught. With the skills taught at The Bold Edge, I was able to create a design parnassah for myself. Thank you Malkie!!
Miriam Fisher
Web Designer at Oorah, Lakewood, NJ

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