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The teaching style was full of very useful field related tips scattered throughout the lessons, in addition to all the necessary information conveyed.

 I had to listen to some of the lessons multiple times to absorb the wealth of information the lessons contained, but never because they lacked clarity. The difficult material was always explained [and often repeated!] in an easy to understand clear manner. The incredible amount of extra resources included in the course for me to keep does truly qualify to be classified as “Better than what I expected”.

AE Pilchick, New York, NY

Web Design and Marketing

Every business must have a website today. Learn the most in-demand design, technical and business skills to succeed as a professional Web Designer.

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Graphic Design Masterclass

Take your designs to the next level by learning how to create masterpieces.
Learn Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in depth. Finally all about profitable business setup, management and marketing.

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Graphic Design Programs

Discover the programs that can bring your designs to life! Wish you could do more than just play around on the computer? Master these main programs, and you’ll be ready to take design and business portions of the Masterclass!

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Have fun while converting your photos into fabulous creations. Learn how to adjust, crop, collage, apply cool photo effects and create really awesome projects such as family trees, photo books, scrapbooking and favors.

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GD Teen

Learn the foundations of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, along with graphic design concepts. You'll will create many different fun and educational design projects and receive mentorship and feedback

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The Minis

Courses that are short and sweet PLUS pack a big punch

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