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Before you scroll down-I want to give you a brief intro.

Websites don’t just happen, poof from the air. In order to have a properly structured, beautiful website that will achieve their client goals–each student followed this web design process (with stops for approval from the client and mentor, along the way). They also had private sessions with our design mentors:

  1. Meeting with their client to get an understanding of their website needs, and what the goal was for the website.
  2. Once that was done, they got the website copy from the client’s copywriter, or referred a copywriter to the client to work with.
  3. Using the copy as a guide, they created a moodboard, complete with color, typography, image type, mood and more
  4. They created a wireframe (a basic layout of the site)
  5. Then came the real stuff: Creating a completely custom design for the client in Adobe XD or Figma
  6. Then onto WordPress development. The custom designs are integrated into WordPress.
  7. Each student painstakingly goes over their website to make sure it is responsive on all devices (adding custom coding as needed)
  8. Security, backup, SEO and more in place
  9. Custom dashboard and training videos

Mazel Tov! A new website is born!

Presicion Framing

This website was designed by Shira Broder for Presicion Framing, a photographer based in Yerushalayim.

Check the subtle building visuals and linework. Also, the cohesive layout that has all the elements flowing from page to page. There was some complex layout maneuvering to get things coded correctly plus exactly right on mobile.

Rivkipix Photography

This website was designed by Brynie Roberts for RivkiPix Photography, a photographer based in Yerushalayim.

Rivki wanted a very clean aesthetic, with the focus on her gorgeous photos. Lots of white was used, paired with with great typography and subtle design touches. Even the contact form follows this clean look, resulting in a complete gallery experience

CST Copy

This website was designed by Reisy Kraus for CST Copy, a copywriting agency. The challenge was creating an aesthtically pleasing design, while organizing a large amount of organization.

Through clever slideouts, cohesive icons, galleries and more the site is easy to navigate and highlight the high class client’s of CST Copy (like Prime Minister Fabian Picardo of Gibraltar)

YD Dimensions

This website was designed by Devoiry Posen for YD Dimensions, an architectural planning and design company. With beautiful design touches, and integrated architectural drawings, this site draws the target customer right in.

The client has the ability to add more items to his portfolio with the gallery feature. Most importantly, the site was rigorously tested so that it shows up well on super large screens (that designers use) down to mobile screens.

Beth Oloth

This website was designed by Devoiri Klugmann for a non-profit, Beth Oloth. The challenge with this website, was working with a large amount of copy and dividing it up in an easy to digest format.
With little subtle animation, cool custom coded buttons and other organizational features it comes together into a user-friendly website that helps visitors contribute to this vital organization.i

Toby Wasser

This website was designed by Ruchy Kraus  for Toby Wasser. Ruchy had to figure out how to display the services in a way that were easy to go through, and actionable for a person who wanted to book that service! She also showed Toby’s process in an easy to view format. The bright colors and 3D graphics give it an up to date look!

A Schleifstein and Co

This website was designed by Hindy Eichler for AS&Co CPA based in Lakewood NJ. Since there was a lot of information to present on each page, Hindy thought of different ways to enhance the use experience. She used icons, flip boxes, and sectioned off information so that it is easy for potential customers to navigate the website, build trust and ultimately book a consultation.

Sidenote: The branding for this company was designed by one of our GD Masterclass students Mazal Safdieh (Deal, NY)

Sarah F. Berkowitz

This website was designed by Chaya Roitenbarg for Sarah F. Berkowitz, a very popular writer for Mishpacha magazine, CNN and Mother Nature Network and more. Sarah wanted her website to have a calming presence while exuding authority. The combination of colors, visuals, gentle animations come together on this beautiful website.

Picsi Images

This website was designed by Rochel Schlesinger for Picsi Images, a premier photography studion based in Israel. She wanted the focus to be on the gorgeous images they produce, along with an easy user experience. The pricing page was designed for clarity with a clear FAQ section so that potential customers get their questions answered right away!

Chani Karp

This website was designed by Miriam Kaufman for kriah specialist, Chani Karp. She was looking for a website that would highlight her services and experience. The goal was to convert website visitors to book a consultation with her.


Suri Jerusalem

This website was designed by Malky Lowin for copywriter, Suri Jerusalem. The modern, clean geometric design can be seen throughout portraying her motto: Marketing without fluff! Information organization is well thought out, making it easy for visitors to make their decision to hire Suri super easy!


The Feeding Coach

This website was designed by Shevy Feiler for Eliana, The Feeding Coach. Eliana wanted a whimsy look (hello broccoli cone!). Shevy worked hard to organize the text on these long form web pages. Check out the ways she broke up the text into easy to read sections. She even designed a course sales page!


Tevas Health

This website was designed by Menucha Lipinski (Boca Raton, FL) for Tevas Health, a nutritionist. He wanted to showcase the services he offers to potential clients. Menucha, focused on highlighting the benefits of his services to make it easy to see that this is the smart choice.


The Kichels

This website was designed by Rikki Steif (Lakewood NJ) for the famous Kichels comic strip. Rikki chose website animations like a flip box to introduce the Kichel family (see image). The website incorporates illustrations, the comic colors and overall fun vibe!


This website was designed by Ester Hollis (Antwerp, Belgium) for Our Tapestry, an organization that helps families cope with loss. They offer many programs and publications. Instead of having many pages with forms, Ester integrated popups , so that people did did not have to click around. She integrated a donation form to make the donation process seamless.

This website was designed by Malky Breisch (London, UK) for Empire Fire solutions. Malky integrated touches of red (because well, fire is red!). She used custom popups throughout to organize and guide the user throughout the site. Accordians and animations were also used to give a little touch of animation and verve to the site

Mac Analytic Solutions

This website was designed by Shira Licht (Brooklyn, NY) for Mac Analytic Solutions. This company, which offers data analysis need to explain to their potential clients why knowing your data is so important for decision making. This was done through a visual the step by step process, case studies showing how companies used the data and a sample data dashboard.


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