Did you have enough room on the airplane?

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Did you know….In typography, a serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. Serifs originated in the Latin alphabet  words carved into stone. The Roman letter outlines were first painted onto stone, and the stone carvers followed the brush marks which flared at stroke ends and corners, creating serifs. Another theory is that serifs were devised to neaten the ends of lines as they were chiseled into stone.

It’s funny.

When a person thinks of design they think of some awesomely amazing, super duper creative masterpiece that will pops out everyones eyes (eyes will land on the moon) (ok just kidding).

We get stuck overthinking design

We always want to design something creativer

We think its gotta be way out there in order to be the best design


The best design is FD Design




Design should be creative, but (and a big but), it has to be functional as well. Imagine your seat on the airplane…alot of thought goes into the design of the seat. It needs to be a solution to a problem faced. Is it comfortable, does it have the right connectors for headphones. Is there a way to design it that will enable passengers to be comfortable, while still being able to fit many seats on the airplane.

Let us take this to another arena. If you are designing an advertisement, it is great to include an eye catching picture….but make sure it is functional as well. Will it induce the consumer to do the action you want as a result of the design, or will it only confuse people and make them think too much (people do not like to think too much).

Make sure each design is FD certified. That is Functional Design, not just Graphic Design.

Let’s get into some action:

Here is how to make an FD Design:
Take out a piece of paper (or use your favorite note taking app) and jot down…

  • Goals of the design
  • Imagery that can be associated with the goals
  • Clear call to action…Tell the people what you want them to do next
  • Clear contact details including company name

Now here is your call to action (what we would like you to do for us!)

Leave us a comment below ↓ ↓ on the latest design you have seen that was all Graphic Design and not FD Design.

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